Our Mission

Changing the way people clean one tablet at a time

The facts are black and white, plastic pollution is a real problem. Plastic can be found everywhere. From the deepest parts of the ocean to the remote parts of the Antarctic.

A quick walk down the supermarket cleaning isle and you’ll be hit with a sea of plastic packaging. Why do we use single-use plastic every time we need to buy cleaning products?

Something needed to change which is why we created CHANGE. The POWERFUL cleaning product.... in a tablet! Just dissolve in water to make the solution, eliminating the use of single-use plastic spray bottles. 


Plastic Kills Sea Animals

Plastic that ends up in our oceans more often than not ends up in the stomachs of our sea creatures. Plastic bags and plastic bottles look like the food they eat. More and more animals, including whales, turtles and dolphins have been found dead with plastic in their stomach which caused the animal to starve to death. 


Plastic is choking our planet

Single-use plastic is created for connivence but built to last forever. Recycled plastic isn't better. Since it's still plastic. Much of our single-use plastic waste ends up in our oceans and millions of sea animals actually have plastic in their bodies. So by reducing instead of recycling we can help stop the plastic waste.