How does it work?

Each tablet is a concentrated cleaning solution. By adding warm water the tablet dissolves and creates the cleaning product.

What makes CHANGE plastic-free? 

We have tried extremely hard to reduce as much single-use plastic as possible. The only part of single-use plastics used are the stickers to keep the packaging sealed.  

What makes CHANGE better for the environment? 

Firstly, there's a huge reduction in plastic used in production and packaging which dramatically reduces waste. CHANGE tablets are lightweight which reduces our carbon footprint in the distribution and production of the product. 

Do I need sterilised water to dissolve the tablet?

No, tap water is fine. Just make sure the water is warm to hot.

Can I use cold water to dissolve the tablet?

Yes you can however, the tablet will dissolve slowly. The formula works best in warmer water. For the CHANGE Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet it is recommended to use a HOT cycle (above 60 degrees).

Do I need to shake the bottle to dissolve the tablet?

No, the tablet will dissolve on its own.

How much solution does 1 tablet make?

The Hand Sanitiser, Mutli-Purpose and Glass Tablets make 300ml of cleaning solution. The water bottle cleaner can be added to a maximum of 1 litre of water and you only need 1 Washing Machine tablet for machines under 10L. Machines larger than 10L will require 2 tablets per clean.

Are the ingredients natural?

The tablets are made from a base of Sodium Bicarbonate (bicarb soda) however, there are some very small amounts of certain harmless ingredients that we cannot classify as 100% natural.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe. It has been thoroughly tested under Australian Standard Guidelines. We do stress that to meet these standards we must include all the scary warnings and safety criteria.

My cleaner has little pieces at the bottom of the bottle

That’s OK, it’s simply a little bit of undissolved debris from the tablet. This doesn’t affect how it cleans, simply give the bottle a quick shake before spraying.

Can I use any spray bottle?

Yes, you sure can! That’s the beauty of this product. Grab your old cleaning bottle, add 300mls of warm water, pop a CHANGE Tablet in and there you have another cleaner without buying more single-use plastic.

How long does the CHANGE spray bottle last?

In short, a long time. It’s a quality bottle that’s built to be reused over and over.

Is CHANGE hypoallergenic?

CHANGE is not certified hypoallergenic.

Is CHANGE cruelty Free

Yes, no animals have been harmed or tested in the production of CHANGE - only germs.

What certifications does CHANGE have?

We have the legal certifications but no endorsement certifications just yet since we’re so new to Australia. We’re onto getting our products certified by the right people. Stay tuned.

Are the cleaners anti-bacterial?

Yes, they sure are.

Why do the ingredients have so many numbers?

Some of the ingredients in the CHANGE Tablets have patented names so we refer to it by the patented name.

What makes the product work?

We use active cleaning ingredients that have been formulated to be easily dissolved in water. Surfactants reduce surface tension to effectively lift up bacteria and viruses from surfaces and skin to easily wash or wipe them away. Boerol is also great as it can be dissolved in water and still maintain its ability to remove grease and grime.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The refill packs and starter kit boxes are 100% recyclable. Simply pop it into your cardboard recycling bin. As for the tablet wrappers, this is where it gets a bit tricky. To ensure the tablet doesn’t become damaged we use a mixture of foil and paper wrapping. Both materials can be recycled however, in Australia the wrapper will need to be separated and cycled in specialised facilities.

Can I buy the tablets individually?

No, CHANGE Tablets are only available in packs of 4 or 8.


Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

What kind bottles can I used these tablets on?

CHANGE water bottle cleaning tablets can be used on stainless steel, glass and plastic water bottles.

Will it leave a chemical odour or bad taste after cleaning?

CHANGE Cleaning Tablets are ammonia and chlorine free, that doesn’t leave any chemical odour or bad taste after cleaning.

How many tablets I need to clean one bottle?

You will only need one cleaning tablet per bottle. Alternatively you can add 1 tablet to a container of warm water to soak multiple items but be aware the cleaning ability will be reduced. 

How often should I clean my bottle?

Depends on the bottle you have; stainless steel bottles should be cleaned every week and plastic bottles should be cleaned as often as possible.

Can it clean coffee stains inside my metal coffee mug?

Yes, it can clean coffee mug stains and coffee residue. Use hot water to dissolve the tablet while cleaning. For glass and stainless-steel mugs please use hot water for plastic mugs only use warm or cold water.

Washing Machine Cleaning tablets

Can these tablets be used to clean clothes in washing machine?

CHANGE washing machine cleaner tablets are to be used ONLY in an empty washing machine and NOT to be used as a washing detergent. Our washing machine cleaner tablets are designed to clean the washing machine itself.

Can these tablets be used for front loader machines?

Yes our washing machine cleaner tablets can be used for front loader machines.

Can these tablets be used for side loader machines?

Yes our washing machine cleaner tablets can be used for side loader machines.


Glass Cleaning Tablets

Can the glass cleaning tablets be used for cleaning car wind screen?

    Yes, change glass cleaning tablets can also be used for windscreen cleaning.

    For glass cleaning tablets should I use paper or cloth?

      We recommend that you use lint free cloth or paper.

      Multi-purpose Cleaning tablets

      What surfaces can I use the Multi-purpose on?

      Most surfaces, we recommend testing a small amount if you're unsure.

      What can the Multi-purpose clean? 

      We state it can clean the kitchen and bathroom. It's great for lifting stains on most surfaces. 

      Does it kill mould?

      It can potentially kill mould however, it has not been guaranteed tested or certified that it can. If you are faced with an issue regarding mould we suggest going for a specific mould cleaner.