Why We Chose Plastic For The Change 'Repeat Bottle'

At CHANGE we’re all about eliminating single-use plastics and cleaning up the planet. We make our products as earth-friendly as possible but in order to do so we took the plastic option for the spray bottle. Why? well, at the end of the day have a cleaning tablet and a reusable plastic spray bottle reduces plastic and almost eliminates single-use plastics. Let us explain a little more below. 

Doesn’t react with the cleaner

 CHANGE tablets contain certain chemical ingredients with a shelf life (when dissolved) of six months. We tested metal bottle but after using it over and over again the CHANGE formula doesn’t react too well with metal (steel & aluminium) when sitting in the container long time of cleaning liquid in the container, the ingredients can oxidise and corrode the inner layer of metal, damaging the container material and affect the performance of cleaning. This is due to the high concentration of bi-carb soda.

It’s lightweight and safer.

Being lightweight it’s easier for production and distribution. Thick glass and ceramic bottles wouldn’t corrode like the metal bottles but it adds significant weight. It make it’s much more difficult to distribute and much harder to use. A heavy glass bottle filled with liquid would make cleaning even worse. 

It’s tougher

Glass or ceramic bottles are super fragile which doesn’t make it a great “repeat bottle”

Recyclable and Eco-friendly

We choose plastic that is easily recyclable.  We choose recyclable Polypropylene (PP), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Btyrene (ABS), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), our products team keep an eyes on latest information on Biology and Chemistry industry for green chemicals which it contains polyesters, biomaterials, high performance resins.

We refuse to use single-use plastic, that’s why we bring an option to your single- use housing cleaning container, Drop one CHANGE Tablet, keep your cleaning bottle be alive again, end of landfill.

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