Using your CHANGE Glass Cleaner Tablets as Windscreen Cleaner?

Everything you need to know about CHANGE Cleaning Tablets

CHANGE Glass cleaning tablets are the latest innovation for households and commercial spaces for Australia. You may not have heard of glass cleaning tablets before or even cleaning tablets in general however, tablets are just as effective as traditional cleaners. Not only do they come with a tonne of economic and environmental benefits, but they serve a variety of different purposes.

CHANGE Glass Cleaning Tablets

 Here at CHANGE we wanted to combine all the effective ingredients of a glass cleaning product into one tiny tablet. Just a quick scan under the kitchen sink and you will notice that all the products; multi-purpose spray, glass cleaner etc – have one thing in common; Water. Traditional liquid cleaners are comprised of 90-95% water, with only the remaining 5-10% as the actual cleaning concentrate. Combine this with the excessive amount of single-use plastic and the negative impacts on the environment is huge. 

A recent study in the scientific journal ‘Nature’ found that the home care industry generated 29.5 billion plastic containers, while the personal care industry generated 60 billion units. Combined, it equated to 8.9 million tons of plastic and only a small percentage of that was recycled. Additionally, the carbon emissions required to transport the bottles predominantly filled with water was something we couldn’t ignore.

CHANGE tablets are a dry format of the cleaning concentrates used in traditional cleaners. Made from a base of sodium bicarbonate CHANGE tablet cleaners are just as effective as traditional liquid cleaners. Efficiency and quality of our cleaning tablets was our highest priority and all CHANGE tablets have been thoroughly tested under Australian standards.

 How do the Glass Cleaning Tablets work?

 CHANGE tablet cleaners have been designed to be extremely easy to use. As if there weren’t already enough benefits all you need to do is simply drop the CHANGE glass cleaner tablet into 300ml of warm tap water or into your CHANGE ‘repeat bottle’, leave for 5 minutes or until fully dissolved and then your set to start cleaning. To use the glass cleaner tablets as a windscreen cleaner all you need to do is add the water in to your car windscreen cleaner port and drop in a tablet.

What exactly can I use my CHANGE Glass Cleaning Tablets for?

CHANGE tablets were designed with convenience and practicality in mind. Each tablet cleaner can serve a range of different purposes. The CHANGE glass tablet cleaner can be used for: 

  • Glass Furniture
  • Shower Screens
  • Car Windscreens
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Glass surfaces

To reduce your plastic use even further view the whole CHANGE range HERE


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