Small Changes, Big Difference | Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is here!

 Here at CHANGE HQ we are super excited to participate in this year’s Plastic Free July (PFJ). This July the CHANGE team is committed to making little changes in their everyday lives that reduce their plastic consumption.

 A little bit about Plastic Free July

The Plastic Free July campaign was developed in 2017 and is driven to see a world free of plastic waste. Created in the heart of Western Australia, PJF quickly became an award-winning campaign and a global phenomenon with over 250 million people from over 177 countries participating.

How can I get involved?

Throughout PFJ no action is too big or too small. From saying no to a plastic bag to going the whole month without plastic, every bit helps. THE PJF movement is focused on making a small change in our  habits we develop that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. For example, always taking a reusable straw plus a spare for a friend in your bag all the time.

Here are a few changes we will be making:

It is important to not get overwhelmed during PFJ and remember that small changes have big impacts. Plastic pollution across the globe is frightening and together we can help save the world from plastic.


You can officially sign up for plastic free July here:

 Shop our range on reusable products here:


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