Living a low waste 2021

With 2020 well and truly behind us we are excited to bring in the new year with new ways to recycle, re-use and reduce our waste. Investing in our future means investing in the planets future so why not kick start 2021 with a few of our favourite plastic-free and low waste swaps!


  1. Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot water. Using cold water to wash clothes eliminates the energy used by the washing machine (nearly 90%) to heat up the water. Not only saving energy but also preventing your carbon pollution.
  1. Shop sustainable fashion brands rather than fast fashion! Look for natural fabrics such as organic cotton, linen and Tencel. These materials are more sustainable than man made fabrics such as Polyester and Nylon (these takes hundreds of years to biodegrade!).
  1. Switch from a plastic water bottle to a reusable bottle Try switching out coffee cups, lunch boxes and straws for reusable options – We love Cheeki’s of course!
  1. Reducing your food waste - Planning meals and buying only what you need is a great way to reduce food waste and overspending. Perfect for both your tummy and budget!
  2. Turn off the lights! Always try and remember to turn off the light when you’re leaving the room. Or if you can – open up the blinds! Let in natural light instead of using electricity and save both the planet your spend.

  3. In need a of a new hobby this year – why not try gardening! Whether you’re tight on space or don’t have a garden, little herb plants are your answer. Simply place them on your window seal and let them spice up both your plate and your place. 

  4. Take the road less travelled – Whilst plastic-free swaps are a little easier, why not try something a little more challenging. Instead of driving, try riding your back or if you’re in close distance walk their instead!

Be sure to let us know how you go and tell us your favourite tips and tricks!

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