Less Waste, More Space: The CHANGE Bathroom

Next in our 'More space, less waste' series is the bathroom! The bathroom can be a hub for single-use plastic items -from cotton buds to shampoo bottles, we can create quite a lot of landfill. These waste free swaps can be easily adopted into your routine to benefit both your home and the planet.

 Cloth Make-Up Remover Pad 
Facial and make-up remover wipes are an essential part of many bathroom routines. Traditionally made up of a mixture of different fibres means they cannot be recycled. Switching to a cloth make-up remover is the perfect replacement. Not only are they easy to store but being able to wash the cloth means you can reuse it over and over again – better for both your wallet and your home. 

Shampoo Bar:
Switching from shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar comes with a ton of economic and environmental benefits. Generally, less expensive than liquid shampoo they also provide more uses. With less ingredients and often more natural (no synthetic ingredients) they are the perfect alternative – plus they come in little plastic packaging!

Bamboo Comb
Switching to a bamboo comb or bamboo hairbrush saves both buying plastic and stop its going into landfill. Made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials means it can be put back into the earth to decompose. Bamboo has a rapid re-growth cycle and can be grown without chemicals! Besides the amazing environmental impacts, it is also great for your hair! With natural oils it has been proven to protect your hair and make it healthier, stronger and smoother. 

Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo toothbrushes are just as effective at cleaning your teeth as any other manual toothbrush, except you don’t need to put plastic in your mouth! Like the bamboo comb mentioned above they are 100% biodegradable and can be safely discarded. Handcrafted with minimal electronic machinery means there is a lower carbon footprint than creating a plastic toothbrush. 

Natural Deodorant
Switching to a natural deodorant may cause some doubts, however they are just as effective in combating odour! Typically, deodorant bottles come in packaging that is not recyclable, with it being sent straight to landfill. Due to liquid or gas inside, pressurised bottles mean there is a risk of them exploding, thus making them expensive to recycle. Comparably the materials used in roll on deodorants makes them difficult to recycle. Natural deodorants are better for both your skin and the planet. Containing ingredients that won’t harm you, wildlife or the environment makes them the perfect substitute.

Glass Storage Jars
As mentioned in the CHANGE Kitchen blog post, reusable glass jars are the ultimate storage container. Choosing glass means you will never have to worry about plastic and the concerns of chemical leakage into the materials/ingredients inside ever again! Just be careful where you place them, so they don’t get dropped. 

Reusable Silicon Cotton Swab
A recent study by the Last Object found that 1.5 million cotton swabs are produced daily and although they are small, they end up in our landfills and ocean causing major damages to the surrounding wildlife. Their reusable silicon cotton swabs are the perfect alternative. They can be washed and reused forever so you can reuse and only buy once! 

Reusable Razor: 
As a staple for many, disposable razors are typically used a few times before they are replaced. With recycling centres rarely taking these products due to their small sharp parts investing in a high quality, earth friendly option has a massive impact on our landfill and waste.

Tablet Cleaners
How could we not mention CHANGE tablet cleaners?! With up to 8 bottles of Multi-Purpose and Glass Cleaner stored in one tiny recyclable box you won’t have to worry about storing single-use plastic bottles or the waste that comes along with it! Read more about the benefits of tablet cleaners here.


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