Don't Let Nature Go To Waste

With Plastic Free July right around the corner it is important to remember why we need to change (no pun intended). It is estimated Australians use up to 130kg of plastic each and every year and only recycle up to 12% of it. It comes to no surprise that nearly 130,000 tonnes of plastic can find its way into our waterways and into the ocean. Having significant effects on our marine life, they are almost outnumbered, swallowing more plastic than ever before. In fact, did you know that half of all seabirds and turtles have plastic in their stomachs. Plastic is everywhere and the longer we wait to make a change the worst it is going to get.  

So, what are we doing?

Here at CHANGE we are committed to reducing single-use plastic. We are motivated to bring you high quality cleaning products without jeopardising our environment. We understand how important it is to provide options for consumers to make the plastic-free choice. In order to do this we created a whole range of cleaning products with only the tiniest amount of single-use plastic. Why? Because there are no plastic-free cleaning options on the supermarket shelves. It’s a little hard to make a change if there’s no alternative.


 What can you do?

One simple swap in our daily lives can have lifelong impacts on plastic pollution, not only in Australia but across the globe. Saying no to a plastic bag, remembering your reusable coffee cup, choosing a reusable water bottle and reusable food containers are just a few things we can do in our everyday lives that have astronomical effects on our oceans and marine life. It’s time to ditch dangerous plastic products. And now with the introduction of CHANGE you can swap out the plastic bottle filled with water for a tablet.

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