Do dishwashing tablets really clean our washing machine?

We rely on our washing machine to clean our clothes and other items but what should we be doing to clean the inside of our washing machine?

A recent hack from an Australian Mum who introduced her followers to the idea and result of using dishwashing tablets to clean the inside of her washing machine went viral after it left her washer in pristine condition.

However, can using dishwashing tablets to clean our washing machine do more harm than good?  

Choice White Goods expert Ashley Iredale* examined the results dishwashing tablets have on our washers. Ashely explains it may work initially and provide great results, however washing machines aren’t designed to deal with the highly acidic properties in dishwasher detergents. Consequently, this may cause damage to seals and hoses over time as well as potentially void your consumer guarantee or warranty for not following proper care instructions. 

Dishwashing tablets are designed to work at high temperatures, which most washing machines are unable to achieve. Senior lab technician Johnathan Chan from Reviewed* explains that it is likely dishwashing tablets will leave unwanted residue and chemicals in your washer as well as a possible overflow of foam. A good question to ask yourself is would you want to wash your highest quality clothing in dishwashing liquid? 

Why should you clean your washing machine?

Cleaning your washing machine is essential to get rid of the leftover laundry detergents, dirt, mould and bacteria that has built up in the drum and pipes in your washer overtime.

Any unpleasant smells, clothing coming out with unwanted stains or build-up of unwanted debris around the machine is a noticeable sign your washer is in desperate need of a wash.

Regularly cleaning your washing machine may help pro-long the life of your washer and help it to run efficiently. It will also help in keeping your clothes looking bright and fresh.

To get more info check out our in-depth blog post on cleaning your washing machine.

Cleaning with CHANGE Washing Machine Tablets

Here at CHANGE we have combined both convenience and quality. Our washing machine tablets couldn’t be easier to use! And you don’t have to worry about any foam explosions. All you need to do is simply add one tablet to an empty washing machine (two for machines 10kg+). Run a hot wash cycle and the tablet will remove all dirt, limescale and odours! 

CHANGE washing machine tablets are suitable for cleaning both front load washing machines and top load washing machines.





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