Australia's first dissolvable cleaning tablet range

Australia’s leading brand of stainless-steel water bottles have stepped up their plastic-free vision into a new level with the launch of their brand, CHANGE.

Why CHANGE? There are plenty of options to reduce plastic waste when it comes to food and drinks but why not in cleaning products? Why do you have to buy single-use plastic every time you buy a cleaning solution? Sure, you could go for slightly friendlier recycled product but at the end of the day it is still plastic and that’s a big issue we are all facing. So that’s why Cheeki created CHANGE

The idea started when Cheeki was looking into ways to create a bottle cleaner. They wanted to create something that’s really easy to use that will effectively clean reusable products.  After months of working with different materials and ingredients the team at Cheeki created a cleaning tablet. Made mostly of bi-carb soda the tablet is simply added into a bottle filled with warm water and the tablet would fizz and dissolve into the water whist cleaning the bottle.

 The tablet worked so well that Cheeki thought why stop at just a bottle cleaner? If a tablet can clean a bottle why not clean your home? Instead of just launching the tablet cleaner they had a vision of creating something much bigger.

 After a solid year of research, product testing, exploring production facilities and everything in-between the cleaning range was born. Cheeki’s director, Simon Karlik says he’s never experienced such a clean house whilst testing so many different products.

 Looking at the range and the ease of use and convenience of the product it really shows that this is the new, modern way to clean. No more heavy bottles in the shopping bags, cluttered storage cupboards and more importantly, no more single-use plastic.

 So, what exactly is CHANGE? It’s a range of cleaning tablets that dissolve in water to create a cleaning solution. Within the range there is your standard multi-purpose cleaner for kitchen and bathroom, a glass cleaner, water bottle cleaner, washing machine cleaner and finally a hand sanitiser.  Yes, a dissolvable hand sanitiser tablet to keep your hands clean which also features a cool no-touch dispenser.

 Don’t let the tablet idea fool you into thinking it’s not as effective as a bottle of household cleaner off the supermarket shelf. This stuff works! It’s just as effective at cleaning household mess as the leading cleaning brands just without the chemical odour or the single-use plastic.

 A small change leads to a big difference. CHANGE For cleaner home and a cleaner planet.  For more information about their range and how it works visit or follow their socials @changetabs.

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