All About Our Multi-Purpose Tablets

CHANGE Multi-Purpose cleaning tablets are the latest innovation for households and commercial spaces. Committed to stop single-use plastic, CHANGE tablet cleaners are the revolutionary new way to clean. No need to buy heavy bottles from the store and no more plastic every time you need to buy a cleaning product. 

CHANGE Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets

We know how hard it can be to find a product that combines both affordability and sustainability without jeopardising quality. As the first of its kind, CHANGE dissolvable cleaning tablets will provide you with an easy and effortless clean (because who really likes cleaning).

Just one look down the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket and you can see the shelves filled with single-use plastic. That’s when we knew we had to make a change. After all each Australian uses up to 130kg of plastic each year!

Our multipurpose cleaning kit provides you with our iconic ‘repeat-bottle’ designed to be used over and over again and our multi-purpose cleaning tablets. Simply pour 300ml of warm water into the repeat bottle, drop in the CHANGE tablet and leave for 5 minutes or until fully dissolved. Then you can begin to clean (Yay). 

Why CHANGE Multi-Purpose Tablets?

Change Multi-purpose tablets have been thoughtfully created to bring all your cleaning needs into one. Replace your kitchen cleaner, fabric cleaner, tile cleaner and carpet cleaner with just one multi-purpose cleaning tablet.

At CHANGE our tablets come in at just less than $2 for 300ml of cleaning solution, working out to be more cost effective than leading supermarket brands. Besides the economic benefit CHANGE tablet cleaners have significant environmental impacts. To put it simply, since our products are lighter and don't use as much water there is less CO2 being produced in the production and transportation, overall reducing the environmental cost.  

CHANGE is committed to using products that are good for your home and the planet. They have been trialed and tested to clean and clean well.


Start your plastic free journey today!


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